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Welcome to OPMC.

Our passion is creating, managing and growing successful Online Stores for our Clients.

*We also specialise in FinTech solutions with Payment Express, Freshbooks and Alipay.

Ecommerce Solutions

Our passion is online stores, and we’ve been creating them since 2004. We run several of our own successful...

Web Hosting For Business

As a business owner, how much time do you spend dealing to web hosting and email problems?

Industry News

Good news for those who advertise online: Australians actually click on your ads.

Integration Services

Payment Express ( is a great, flexible 3rd party...

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide high quality web solutions to our clients, that inspire them to refer us to others.


How to consider which payment methods are best for your ecommerce store

There are many, many ways to accept payment on your ecommerce store these days. They all serve different purposes with different services, but also there is a lot of overlap. Timeframe to implementation I consider this critical for many clients who want to get started...

Top 9 tips to secure your website from hackers

Your website is your first point of contact with your audience and if your platform shows any security anomaly, they won’t think twice to shift to the rival sites.  Website safety issue is one of the major security risks reported by small businesses in the modern...

Read that email bill again – it may just not be real

Yesterday I received an email from Origin Energy about my bill. It was a particularly boring email, nothing unusual and had the typical click here to pay button which I find is really handy when there is so much else that needs doing in the day. Although the only real...